Tony Jing

Hello! I'm Tony.
I am a product designer.

Drawing and tinkering. These two things kept me busy when I was little. Years later these preoccupations became a drive, a passion — to understand the world, learn from it, and create things that make it better. This led me to study design.

I believe products should help people. They should enable people to become better versions of themselves. Better versions, as defined by themselves. I believe at their core, products should improve human experiences and complement the human condition. This is why I design.

I designed key features for Inkling’s main products: Habitat and Axis. Habitat is a SaaS platform that enables authors to create interactive, device-agnostic content, distribute it, and measure its engagement. Axis is a set of web, iOS and Android reading apps on which the content is consumed.

In school, a few classmates and I reimagined the digital experience for Leica Camera's iconic M-System. We also explored a radical new ecommerce site for Obey Clothing. For a game design class, my team of four designed and developed a ridiculous retro top-down game. For our animation class, two teammates and I animated a short film about stealing the Mona Lisa.

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